Thursday, July 28, 2011

Say Cheese! More pics from Yellowstone

The Happy Campers had a slight bump in the road today.  Instead of being in Glacier Park, we're spending the day in Missoula, MT taking care of some mechanical issues.
  1. RV in the shop to fix an electrical issue with some reading lights
  2. Little Miss Jeep took a rock to the head and came up a bit "cracked" - so she had to be doctored up by Todd, the glass repairman. (super nice guy, btw!)
  3. Little Miss Jeep also decided she was in a disco mood and that all indicator lights should be intermittently blinking. Missoula dealership had all parts on hand, so she's almost as good as new!
With time to kill and so many more great pics and experiences from Yellowstone, we decided to take advantage of a rockin' workspace here at the dealership and make another picture post.

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Here are the pics....

Coyote looks for squirrels & mice!

This buffalo was in our camp - literally 25 yards from our camper

Yellow-bellied Marmot.  He was so cute just watching us as we hiked by!

Amy lives through a hike (no bears got her!)
Storm Point - it was so pretty out there!

Not very reassuring before you head out on a hike into the wilderness!!

 Left = Alaska.  Right = Maine.  Same car....weird!!
View of Upper Falls after a strenuous hike
via Uncle Tom's Trail

Female Big Horn sheep and babies on the mountain side.  So cute!
Petrified Tree....really?  We drove
40 miles round trip for THAT?!?!? 

Bear Jam - Grizzlies around the corner!
Next time we'll break out our guitars for the "Jam"
Grizzly Mama and her cub.  They were tough to photograph,
but really amazing to see in the wild!

Aren't these supposed to be in the air and not on a train track??
Saw this driving through needs some wings!
Our idea of lunch these days!  A whole new
meaning to lunch break.

Really great pic of a herd of Elk.  So graceful and pretty.

Bonus pic:  This is how the goose was introduced into our lives.
Tracy enjoying a beautiful view.
Goose rolls up in a pink carriage.
Tracy looks over and thinks:  WTF?
Amy - always ready with the camera gets the shot!

 Until the next exit...

Amy & Tracy

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  1. Your posts are great! I feel like I am waiting for the next episode....but better than TV. Thanks!