Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chicago...and all that Jazz

Chicago - one of my favorite musicals and now one of my favorite cities!  Beautiful architecture, theater, countless restaurants & bars, wonderful parks with fountains/outdoor art & amphitheaters, a fun pier, beach with soft white sand, aquarium/planetarium/zoo/museums and a great walking/biking path along Lake Michigan.....this city has everything you could want! 

After arriving by train, we checked into our amazing hotel room....BIG thanks go out to T's cousin, Sarah, who extended her friends & family discount!!  Our top (32nd) floor, corner room charmed us with heated bathroom floors (personal fave!), a bed I never wanted to leave & a shower larger than our entire camper! Just a couple pics to share our amazing views....that's Lake Michigan in the background of the pic on the right.

Embracing our tight "nomad" travel budget, we walked....and walked.....and walked for a full day of sight-seeing!  Some highlights:

Ever stood 103 floors up on just a piece of glass with the city below you?  A pretty wild experience!  The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) now has glass boxes that protrude from the side of the tower to allure guests to the top!


A shout out to Renee....our fantastic server at Weber's Grill....who promised to come up with a creative name for our little home on wheels :)

We're back on the road tomorrow - off to tempt our youthful sides at Noah's Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells, WI.   Please note:  We will NOT be posting any bathing suit pictures considering all the amazing food we've consumed on this leg of the adventure!

Until the next exit....

A & T


  1. Amazing pictures! Looks like you're having such a blast! Love you!

    Hey... gonna be near Texas during the first week of August?? We are heading to Austin...

  2. Hey hon....miss you too!!
    Will still be on the west coast...when you headed to FL? Shoot me an email..

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