Home Sweet Home

98 square feet of bliss....c'mon inside and take a look around!

Yep, she's a small beauty.  Did I mention small?

Just a bit more counter space would be nice,
but she's pretty!

Couch, complete with throw pillows
and hardwood floors

Our fridge with bedroom in the background!

Our little showering hole




  1. Hello ladies! I think you should re-coin an old American phrase in her honor and call her "Womanifest Destiny"...love you gals and think you are brave and amazing! x, Ingrid Gundrum

  2. LOL...LOVE the video of Tracy on the coaster! Enjoy your adventure together...what an amazing journey!

  3. Looks like y'all are in Austin. We'll be home about Oct. 25-26. Kendra & Mark are looking forward to meeting y'all.