Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trip Stats with a side of humor!

We made it!  We've officially driven from coast to coast....and are thrilled to see our pal the ocean again!  Our adventure is FAR from over though....we visited a good friend up in Bellingham, WA and are now in Portland, OR exploring the area and saying hello to some of Tracy's former co-workers at Nike.  From here, we will trek on down the entire west coast and then spin 98 square feet due east and hit the pedal, exploring the southern part of the US on the way back!
Having made it "half way", we thought this may be an excellent time to share some current trip stats with you all!  We hope you enjoy!

# of days since we departed:  38
Total miles driven:  5,580 (Tracy driving about 5,579 of those -- well, that's a bit exaggerated, but trust us - Amy's driving is NOT the best!!)
Gallons of gas purchased:  444
Average miles per gallon:  12.34 (who knew pulling your house was so expensive!!)
Average price per gallon:  $3.74
How many times we’ve stopped for gas:  40 - we've come to love gas station bathrooms!

# of states our tires have graced: 17
# of nights we’ve boondocked:  7 (most exciting one was in a remote field in Bighorn National Forest with views of snow-capped mountains - see pic!)  For those of you who don't know what "boondocking"'s basically dry camping in a parking lot or other location with no water/electricity/sewer hook-ups.  Every town has different boondocking rules and it can often be a challenge to find a place....but we're getting good!  Walmart and casinos are popular!!

# of National Parks/Monuments visited:  6 – Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons & Glacier….also saw Mt Rainier & Mount St. Helen's from a distance!
# of unique wildlife sightings (that we don’t see on a regular basis in Maine):  15 - super cute were the mountain goat mama and baby in Glacier National Park

# of rainy days:  2 days….most of the rain we've encountered has been in the form of massive thunderstorms at night!!  We've been very lucky to have such a wonderful summer!!
Highest temperature encountered:  108 (Badlands, SD)

Lowest temperature encountered:  34 (@ night in Yellowstone - thank you for the awesome sleeping bag, Roger!)
# of states we’ve checked off in the good ‘ol license plate game:  All 51 - And we're starting over to make the trip back!
How many pairs of shoes we brought:  33....Oh my word, what were we thinking???
How many pairs we’ve actually used:  12…..with 6 of them being flip-flops!
# of random shoes seen on the side of the road:  10….how do people lose a shoe on the interstate??
# of campers we’ve owned:  2 - LOL!
# of arguments:  hmm……how many times have we hooked & unhooked the camper – LOL?  Although it's going MUCH smoother now that we've realized we were doing the wrong jobs - Tracy should be directing and Amy should be driving.  Only took us to MT to figure this out!!
# of countries with people reading our blog:  10
Total blog hits thus far:  1,401
# of hair ties & chapsticks we brought (since they seem to be EVERYWHERE):  The picture tells all!

Well, that's it for now.  More fun stuff to come and we'll update some stats as we get further along in the trip. 

Until the next exit...

Amy & Tracy


  1. Oh my goodness...i had no idea you guys were doing this absolutely amazing, adventurous trip!! AND...the huge life changes you've made - so resonate with me!! Glad to have stumbled acrossed your blog...look forward to hearing more!! You rock! :)


  2. I love this post! This is really an amazing trip you two are on! Love that you are keeping track of randomness - the shoes lost on the interstate - hilarious! Love it!