Saturday, July 2, 2011

129 is the new 98

Ok, a lot has happened since we left Hershey Park.

First...PA and OH should have gold plated highways since they charged us $25 each just to drive on them.  I'm pretty sure we didn't see anything except a cool tunnel in PA worth any kind of money!

Then we dropped off 98 square feet at a dealer to fix a water leak, a fridge issue, and a whole slew of other minor things that us "non-campers" needed help with.  Long story short (ie: this is the REALLY short version) - we left with a brand new camper!  So she's no longer 98 square feet, she's now 129 square feet (but we're keeping our blog name!)  Definitely an upgrade with hardwood floors (ok, it's laminate)  and best of all - our bedroom is no longer also our living room and dining room!  We'll post some new pictures soon!  Needless to say, it's been a disaster b/c we literally had to throw 98 into 129 and hit the road after being there for 9 hours! 

BIG SHOUT OUT to Camper's Inn @ Elkhart, Indiana!  This team rocks!  Amy and I have never been so impressed with the people and level of service!  They were amazing!  And, we're now featured bloggers for them!  Going to be so much fun as we continue our adventure! 

We made it to Tracy's moms house in Hennepin, IL - and have been enjoying her company!  Does everyone know Tracy's hometown only has 500 people and is surrounded by corn fields?!?!?  But, they whoop it up for the 4th and have a big Bag-O tourney, so we think we might enter to try to win some money for the road off the locals!! 

We head to Chicago on Wednesday - we're excited to eat a deep dish pizza and have a drink at Mother's (anyone else love the movie About Last Night?)!  Thanks to our cousin, Sarah, for setting us up with a great room in Chi-town at the Sofitel on Michigan Ave - can't wait for breakfast in bed!!

Until the next exit....

Amy & Tracy


  1. Oh man! I can't believe you had to get a new camper... can't wait to hear about it! You sound like you are having a blast! Going to be in Texas the beginning of August?? We're heading there the 1st...

    MISS you!


  2. I hope you are using your time wisely and sampling the many varieties of fried chicken available in Hennepin! Can't wait to see you two! XO