Monday, March 19, 2012

Have You Missed Us?

Hey everybody! 

We know you haven’t heard from The Happy Campers in a while, but we’ve been hunkered down in Florida escaping the cold and the snow.  We know it was a mild winter, and trust us, we’re very happy about that because it kept our average temperature between 70-80 degrees down here.  Yeah, it’s been a real hardship!!  We’re heading North soon, so we figured this was a good opportunity to give a quick update on what we’ve been up to.

First, a friend of ours had these awesome 98 square feet t-shirts made for us!  They are so adorable, and if you look closely (or enlarge the picture), we're in the windows on the shirt with cute!  Thanks JK - we LOVE them!

Going back a while - we had a lovely holiday season – spending it right on the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Coast (just north of Daytona).  We managed to cook up a 5 course meal and a delicious turkey on our tiny grill for Thanksgiving.   Seriously, it was delicious and we think we’ll make turkey like that every year!! 
Yes, this tiny grill made a
very yummy turkey!
For Christmas and New Year’s we enjoyed sunny skies and an amazing sunrise to start 2012!  We’re not sure anything can top 2011, but it sure was a great way to start off the New Year!
Jan 1, 2012
Sunrise from our camper

We toured through Daytona a few times – honestly, it’s nothing to write home about.  It’s a bit run down, but it was cool to see the Daytona Speedway and take a drive on the beach! 

Little Miss Jeep
on the beach!

For the months of January - March, we moved to a campground in central Florida.   We decided the price was right (ie: cheap!), and it would allow us to focus on whipping ourselves into shape and working on a plan for our next adventure.  So honestly, our lives haven’t been overly exciting!  We actually fell into a little monotonous routine which played out kinda like this:

Monday:  Bachelor night and texting with Bobbie Lu.  Yes, we had many good laughs on Mondays while killing off brain cells watching Ben and Courtney find true love!  Sample text messages went something like this:
A&T:  “Not sure how we recall anything given our brain cell reduction”
Bobbie Lu:  “I have to speak intelligently tomorrow.  Not sure I can pull that off after 3 hours of this shit”
A&T: “Courtney basically lied through her teeth about the other girls”
Bobbie Lu: “She did lie. It’s all for drama.  All I know is I want to go to Switzerland.  Damn”
A&T: “I know, doesn’t it look amazing?  We have no brain cells left”
Bobbie Lu: “We will never get this time of our life back.  IQ dropping rapidly”
Oh dear lord, Mondays have never been so entertaining!  Thanks, Bobbie Lu, for filling our Monday nights with so much laughter these past couple of months!  But please don’t make us watch The Bachelorette!
Yes, we even text messaged each other tabloid
pictures while out shopping!  Major Dorks!
Tuesday:  Tracy plays Bingo!  Yes, Bingo.  And I won $92 one night!  Woot woot!  But the best part was the giant Armadillo that jumped out and scared me to death on the walk back to the camper!  Yes, good times, good times!
Yes, proof of the winnings,
but wish I had a shot of
the Armadillo

Wednesday:  It’s Soup day!  Yes, we all converge in the Club House at noon to eat homemade soup.  Yummy!
We didn't have a soup picture, but here's
a shot of our ice cream social - pretty
much the same!
Thursday:  Amy goes to Crafting Club!  She’s made a bunch of great things and started her Etsy Store.  You can check out her stuff using the link below!

Amy's Store - Chapter Two Creations

Friday:  Library on Wheels shows up!  This rocks!  We’ve checked out so many books, movies, magazines, music, etc.  And it’s all free.  It’s been awesome!  We wish we could bring it with us!
Such a great perk!

Saturday:  After all the weeks’ excitement, it’s time to hit the pool and relax! 

Working on our tans!

Sunday:  While everyone seems to scoot off to church, we do our interval training workout on the grand lawn and crank our music!  We’re sure they think we’re nuts! (That's ok, we're fairly confident they are, too) Or we hit the gym and pump the iron!  Ok, we do this more than just Sundays, but it's the best day to actually see people our own age!

Tracy's personal best to date
35lb weights! Go baby!

Ok, so we certainly have done more than just the above, but we thought it would be fun to give you a flavor of what happens when you hole up with the Snow Birds (ie: elders) down here in Florida at an RV Park out in the sticks!  Some other exciting things have been:

A giant Rat Snake crawled up the tree just outside our camper – we didn’t like that so much!
The yucky snake!

We hosted a Happy Hour and shared scrumptious Jelly Shots with all our new friends!  Yes, seniors can put some jelly shots away!

Ok, we forgot to take a pic of
the actual shots, but we
got the shot of the alcohol

There are LOTS of dogs, but our two favorites have been Charlie and Bonnie - so cute!

So adorable and comes by for
chicken at night! Spoiled!!

Only a face a mother could love -
along with Amy!

Amy’s parents came down and spent February at The Villages – which is a massive golf cart retirement community.  Everyone drives really cool looking golf carts around.  Amy is convinced we’re buying a retirement home there the second I turn 55!  It’s very neat, but WAY too hot to be here in the summer!

Happy Hour in the Square with
Wil and Joyce
One of the cool golf carts
that cruises the Villages!
We discovered (and are addicted to) a show called “Storage Wars” where people buy abandoned storage units.  There’s a good chance we may just take our own Storage unit and sell it to the highest bidder when we get home in April!! Yuuuuuup!

So much fun to watch these people try to screw each other!
And best of all, we landed an amazing Work Kamp gig on Cape Cod this summer!  We’re super excited to spend the summer in New England, and we certainly can’t complain about being on Cape Cod!!  Hopefully we'll have some visitors (hint, hint friends & family) and can take in some Sox games!
I think there’s only one additional thing, as we mentioned, we’ll be in Maine for the month of April.  We’re leaving the warm weather behind (and the annoying caterpillars that make you itch like hell if they touch you) and heading home to tie up some loose ends and visit with friends and family before having to report to the Cape on May 1!   We look forward to seeing many of you very soon!

This is our annoying Caterpillar
Besides being our Bachelor Buddy, Bobbie Lu
has also been our animal consultant. She
identified it as a Tussock Moth Caterpillar.
Then she told us to get the hell outta here and get home!
Ok, Bobbie - we're coming!!
Until the next exit…
Amy & Tracy