Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surprise - Splash - Boom

 SURPRISE!! Yes, somehow, we managed to pull off a surprise b-day party for Sandie (T's mom) on Saturday night! 

We had lots of fun planning it and we're still surprised ourselves that we actually pulled it off! 

I think it was determined that she was either legitimately surprised, or scared sh*tless!  Regarless, it was a great night, and here are some pics of the festivities...Happy B-Day Mom!


Then it was off to the Wisconsin Dells to pay a visit to the largest Water Park in America for a couple of days - Noah's Ark!  Some of the highlights:

1) Yes, when they say heavier person in the back of the 2-person raft, there IS a reason!   We decided to test the rule.....and Tracy actually BEAT the raft down the slide - ass over tea kettle - which made for a memorable moment! 

2) We loved the Black Anaconda - the longest watercoaster in the US!!  Just like a regular rollercoaster, this water ride had exciting climbs, dips, twists & turns!  After the first plunge and mouthful of water, we quickly learned to keep our mouths closed!

3) Thunder & Lightning storms LOVE us!  The very first night we ever slept in camper #1, we experienced one hell of a Maine light show!  While boondocking at Ho Chunk Casino Sunday, we rung in night 1 in camper #2 with another humdinger of a storm!  Amy almost made us run 200 yards inside in the pouring rain & hail at 3:30am b/c she was convinced a tornado was coming!

4) The whistle to signify that the waves are starting in the Wave pool was pretty much like a cattle call for every child in the park to come running...they ran in....we ran to our chairs!

5) We came upon a mini zip-line that brings you out over a pool to drop into.  Looked like fun!!  We quickly realized why there was no one over the age of 12 in line...carrying your own weight 30 feet down a zip-line is much harder than it looks!

6) Marley's restaurant was a bonus find with a Key West vibe....we enjoyed a nice night on the patio under a cabana eating good food and listening to acoustic music - right up our alley!

Basically, the Wisconsin Dells was a big hit....we loved it, and with all the great activities, there's a good chance we might be back!

We're in Minnesota visiting Tracy's brother, sister-in-law and nephew for a few days.  Looks like there's a lot of baseball, baseball, and more baseball on the agenda....GO DEVIN!   We just got done practicing our rendition of Sweet Caroline for the 4th inning stretch during Devin's games....he sang along with us, right up to the point he realized we may actually do this at his games this week!!!

Off to South Dakota and the Badlands in a few days.

Until the next exit...

Amy & Tracy

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  1. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun! I understand about the zipline thing...can totally relate...not easy at all!