Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

We're in Yellowstone this week and we have no cell or internet service - so driving through Grand Tetons today, we came across a Discovery Center with wireless, so we're whipping out a quick blog that's all about the pictures!  Or as many as we can get loaded before it's time to hit the road!  Hope you enjoy!  The last week has been AMAZING on the are some pics to represent:

BEAR COUNTRY U.S.A - Rapid City, SD This was a drive through wild animal park with everything from Artic Wolves to Mountain Lions to yes, BEARS!  Really cool.

Baby Bear getting some lunch

Baby Bear climbs a tree!

Black Bear strikes a pose!

NEEDLES ROAD - Black Hills, SD.  Cool drive through rock formations that were literally just slits in the rocks. 

Great photo op - Tracy couldn't climb that high in her flip-flops!
Heading in - the Jeep fit!

BUFFALO HERD - Custer State Park.  This was so unbelievable!  Literally we drove right into a massive herd of buffalo that were all around the road!

Mama and Baby - 15 feet from car!
The were literally at a stand still

DEVIL'S TOWER - Middle of nowhere, Wyoming!!  This is where Close Encounters was filmed, and we must admit, it was pretty frickin' neat and worth the drive!  TRIVIA - Devil's Tower was actually underground millions of years ago, and erosion exposed it!  So bizarre!!

Aliens did not swoop down and take us away!

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Wyoming.  So many things to share about this place - on our first day we saw Geysers, Waterfalls, snow in the mountains, an Eagle, Elk, beautiful Yellowstone Lake (TRIVIA:  it was frozen until June 16!!) a Wolf pack with cubs, Bison - and the best of all...a pet Goose being strolled in a baby carriage!  OMG - we have never laughed so hard!  Luckily Amy snapped a photo b/c it's worth remembering (and sharing!)  For now, here are some of the highlights:

Beautiful Bubbling, Boiling Hot Geyser
Amy slides down the snow on the way into Yellowstone

Stop at a Waterfall

Amy soaks up the sun on the edge of a rock above the falls!

Amy's an expert at teetering the camera on a rock to get our picture!

Old Faithful erupts!

Grandma, Mom and Baby Elk graze by the water!

Raging Waters of Upper Falls

Grand Teton and the Snake River
(TRIVIA:  Grand Teton is 13,770 feet tall)

Oh yes, this lady was dead serious about her pet Goose. 
Please note:  pink carriage, leash, and she's toting a GUN!
Best of all, she told her husband while trying to take the photo,
they could photo shop out her hands later for the perfect picture!!
It truly does take all kinds!!!

Ok peeps, that's all us Happy Campers have for now!  Needless to say, we've got TONS of photos and good memories and we're only 30 days in!  Next up - a quick trip to Glacier National Park, and then it's off to the Northwest where we are so anxious to see out best friend....the OCEAN!!

Until the next exit...

Amy & Tracy

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