Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hershey Park

Wow, what a first couple of days on the road.  Having so much fun, and learning so many things as we begin our travels.

Arrived at our campground in Hershey Park yesterday 4 hours early - and by chance our space was open, so we pulled in and had ourselves set up in no time!  Well, we did have to check out a couple other rv sites to make sure we were doing it right, but we'll be pros in no time.

Last night....off to Hershey Park and Chocolate World.  We bought the Sunset pass - good from 5-10pm.  Got there early, so I (tracy) charmed the pants off a guy at the Guest Services desk who let us in an hour early through the back door.  Yep, just call me Amy! :-)

The Park:  What a blast.  This was Amy's childhood vacation spot, and even she was amazed at how many new attractions.  They actually have a whole water park section, complete with a beach and a wave pool.  Pretty cool.  We hit all the old school coasters and I (tracy) even tempted fate by going on the Storm Runner which takes off like a bat out of hell and literally goes straight up, then straight down and after that...I have no idea what it did.  I just know I screamed like a little girl.  Check out the video Amy took....

Our favorite parts:

Amy:  Reminiscing on old childhood memories and surprising myself at how many coasters I went on including the Lightning Racer which is a massive wooden beast!! Check it out....

Tracy:  Laughing so hard I cried on the Wild Mouse.  It looked like a puny little coaster, but it took you up in the air and then made these sharp turns which completely surprised Amy so it was her turn to scream like a little girl.  OMG - still laughing as I type this!!  Here's the mouse....

Today we hit the pool and tooled around the town of Hershey.  Tomorrow is a drive day since we're off to visit Tracy's mom in Illinois and make a slight pit stop at a KZ dealer to have a leak in our bedroom/dining room fixed!!  More adventures await us!

Until the next exit....

Amy & Tracy

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