Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank You Campers Inn

Hey everybody - it’s the Happy Campers coming to you from rainy (but warm) Flagler Beach, Florida.
As we’ve somewhat wrapped up the “adventure” part of our trip, we really wanted to take this opportunity to thank Campers Inn for all of their support and generosity over the last six months.

As many may remember, we left Maine on June 26 with a 14’ camper in tow that we picked up in New Hampshire with not a clue as to what we were doing.  We quickly discovered we had some leaking and refrigerator issues when we reached our first destination in Hershey Park.  It’s never good when the fridge doesn’t stay on since the beer gets warm – it is a camping adventure after all!
Leaving Maine...Day 1 of our Adventure

Long story short, Campers Inn in Elkhart, Indiana happened to be along the way and proved to be our saving grace!  The team there was truly amazing – Barry, Cheryl, Mike, Meg, Scot and the rest of the gang!  Not only did they work diligently to try to fix our issues, but somehow managed to give us a good deal on a better model….so we drove out with our 17’ baby and have been so thankful ever since.  We made it all the way around the country and only had to call Mike (the most awesome RV tech guy to ever live) 2 or 3 times….we consider that a win….for HIM!  J

New 98 square feet in tow!

But the icing on the cake came when we hit Tennessee and decided to make a surprise trip up to Maine.  We gave Barry (the most awesome Sales Manager) in Elkhart a call and asked if he thought the Mocksville, NC Campers Inn would be willing to house our baby for a week or so while we scooted north.  Without hesitation, he made a call and we were hooked up. 
And the team in Mocksville didn’t disappoint!  Tim greeted us with open arms and really made us feel like part of the “family”.  And to boot, Scott (the “big wig”) was in town and said he was thrilled to meet the Happy Campers that have been providing blog posts for their site.  Then there was Ron, Ron and the new Ron…, wasn’t hard to remember their names!   They housed and cleaned up our baby while we ventured home to see friends and family and for that we are most grateful.
Interested in an RV?
Go to Campers Inn.  You won't be disappointed!

We know this is a copy intensive blog, but we really just wanted to say a BIG Thank You to everyone at Campers Inn!  This whole experience has been so wonderful and they made the entire adventure more enjoyable with their unbelievable Customer Service.  We love being part of the Campers Inn family!!  And we agree with their slogan....they helped us create "Memories that will last a lifetime!"

Until the next exit...

Amy & Tracy

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  1. You guys have been fantastic customers! We have enjoyed working with you and reading all about your trip! Stop in and visit us anytime!