Monday, November 21, 2011

Surprise visit to Maine!

After 123 days,  28 states and more than 18,000 miles, we returned full circle to Maine for a spontaneous (and surprise) trip!  Only 1 person knew we were coming (excellent secret keeping Bobbie!), so we had a ton of fun popping in on friends and family.  We captured some of the surprises on video to share with you….

The BIG shocker: Amy’s parents thought we were still in Nashville…..however they were expecting a package from us to arrive for Dad’s birthday!  Surprise – we showed up instead!!
Click here to watch video

Amy’s sister-in-law, Julie, definitely didn’t expect us! Click here to watch

And she helped us surprise Connor, our nephew…click here to watch

Roger had no idea it would be us walking through his front door!  Click here to watch...

Dropping in on our friends at Amy's old here to watch video #1 and here for video #2!


TRICK or treat?  One of our biggest surprises was at Kim and Kerry's Halloween party - they most certainly weren't expecting us… we came up with costumes we could wear to disguise ourselves – ROBOTS!  However, because Amy couldn’t see very well out the tiny robot eyes, the camera was put on the wrong setting & didn’t end up taking video L.  Needless to say, it was a blast to hit the party, dance the robot and have people try to figure out who we were until we whipped off the costumes!  Such a fun night!!

Amy & Kim (aka Dorothy)
Kerry (aka Wicked Witch)
and Tracy

It got a little crazy - who is who?
Joy, Kristan & Bobbie
Bobbie (that 70's girl) & Amy

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends (and former neighbors) Greg & Michelle on the arrival of their new little bundle – Lizzie Isabella!!  Watch as we visit them and see our old house for the first time since the day we closed on it!
Tracy's a natural (when Lizzie's sleeping)

Pics of some other fun we had while in Maine:

Our favorite spot - Portland Pie
Kerry, Mary, Tracy, Bobbie & Kim

A visit with Aunt Bunny

The Friday night gang! Love them!!
Dave, Jenny, Keith, A &T, Kristin
Not a complete trip without a visit
to Norm's with Eric!  Hope that
hematoma is better, hon!

Aww, my little Koo Koo was happy
to see us!  Such a precious kitty that
we miss very much! 
Uh, yeah, it snowed in October
Definitely a WTF moment and a
reminder of why we're on our way to FL

Besties - Amy and Amy 
Couldn't go without a basket
of popcorn and an ice cold brew

Perfect ending to the trip - dinner at
Goucho's with Amy's Mom & Dad!   

We were also very excited to see Connor's championship football game while we were home!  So proud of him....AND of my brother, Jon (the coach)!!  After a season of not allowing a single point to be scored against them, they won in OT!  Click here to watch the winning moment....
Connor hits the field
The Sirois family there to cheer
on Jon & Connor in the finals

And last, but not least, Over 5 months ago, we sold many of our possessions and put a lock on a storage facility that houses everything else that didn’t fit in our 98 square feet baby and set out for life on the road……dreading the day we would have to go back and deal with ALL that stuff!  Well, we briefly visited it while we were home…..and yup, still dreading that EVENTUAL day!  Watch the video and you’ll know why!

OMG - we didn't know whether to
laugh or cry!

Despite extending our stay to watch Connor’s game (postponed b/c of SNOW the weekend before), we sadly still weren’t able to see EVERYONE we wanted to!  But it was wonderful seeing those of you we did get to spend time with and hope you will continue to follow our travels as we migrate south for the winter!!
Until the next exit…
A & T


  1. Love the blog -- it is so fun to live vicariously through you both!! Happy new year!!

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