Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hello's Christmas Day and we wanted to wish all of you a Very Merry Holiday!!  We certainly missed spreading the yuletide cheer with family and friends this year.....but the Florida sun has lessened the sadness a bit!  Tracy even celebrated with her own little Christmas Day "polar dip" into the Atlantic....check out the video:

We also thought we would share our 2011 Christmas Card & Holiday letter with our readers....we hope you enjoy! 

Until the next exit,

Amy & Tracy

Happy Holidays!
To say that 2011 was an exciting year for us would be a bit of an understatement.  As some of you know, we embarked on a little “adventure” – a term we coined when we started dreaming about this  7+ years ago.  We originally envisioned a fun hiatus from normal daily life to hit the open road and see some amazing sights.  What we didn’t realize is the entire process (from planning to execution) would forever change how we look at life.  I guess you could say we woke up one day, looked around at all the “things” we had accumulated that require a great deal of time, money and space to upkeep and had an epiphany – do we own our “stuff” or does it own us?  Our mantra quickly became “own less, live more” and it led us down an inspiring path of selling our home, our cars and at least 1/3 of our belongings.  We packed the bare necessities into a 98 square foot RV (with the rest in storage), and embarked on the journey of a lifetime! 
Collectively, we had zero experience with how to operate an RV….or much of an itinerary for that matter….but we figured it out as the miles passed.   And we certainly found the “adventure” we were looking for!   After  172 days on the road, we’ve traveled 17,813 miles, visited 32  states, and sat on countless beaches.   We got caught in a buffalo herd in SD, learned to sandboard in the OR dunes, were amazed by hot air balloons in NM, were awed by the Redwoods in CA, laughed hysterically at theme parks in PA and WI, and were inspired by artists in San Diego…the list of memories is truly endless.
With 5,000+ pictures documenting our journey, it was almost impossible to choose only 13 for our card!  We tried to pick a fun handful though…..
·         Big Sur, CA – enjoying McWay Falls which crashes directly onto the beach below
·         Nashville, TN – sitting on our 98 square foot doorstep before heading downtown for live music
·         White Sands, NM – such an incredible place!  Who needs snow? We made gypsum sand angels!
·         Yellowstone Nat’l Park, WY – one of our favorite stops where we enjoyed summer days by the water’s edge
·         Napa, CA – a tasty flight of Reds at Frog’s Leap winery
·         Charleston, SC – oh cannonballs!!  We loved this city’s rich history and opulent charm
·         Mt. View, CA – kayaking at Shoreline Park where we also learned how to paddle board
·         Chicago, IL – cocktails on Navy Pier after a walk around the city
·         Carmel, CA – a relaxing day in the sand with Pebble Beach golf course as our backdrop
·         Grand Canyon South Rim, AZ – just hanging out on the edge was very surreal
·         Pismo Beach, CA – reeling in “the big one” while fishing on the pier
·         Custer State Park, SD – pulled over to feed some wild jackasses  we saw while out for a drive
·         Sedona, AZ – a hike to the “vortex” for a great view and spiritual experience
While we miss our family and friends very much, we have thoroughly enjoyed our mobile lifestyle.  When we grow tired of the view out the back window, we simply roll out of town with our little house in tow!  Right now, we’re in Flagler Beach, FL with the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean about 15 steps off our front door… we may just stick around for a bit J  Many of you have followed our “adventure” via our blog and/or facebook…..your comments, emails, texts, phone calls and support have meant more to us than a simple Christmas letter can possibly express and we carry you with us wherever we go!  We hope you have the Merriest of Holidays and the New Year brings realized dreams and daily adventures!
Love,  Amy & Tracy

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