Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ad-ven-ture (noun)

Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure
It’s finally happening.  We’re embarking on the adventure that first connected us 7 years ago.  A trip around this great country.  Feeling free.  Living life.  Looking forward to every second of this amazing opportunity. 
While the trip came together pretty quickly - we feel so lucky that all the signs led us to this point and the timing worked out perfectly.  Once we got ourselves moved out of Marr Farm Way in early June, our belongings tucked away soundly in storage, and our life moved into 98 square feet, we finally had some time to think about the actual trip itself.  Needless to say, we’ve been scrambling to put all the pieces in order in such a short amount of time, but it’s all starting to come together. 
We thought it a good idea to have our first Blog be interactive so we could get all our friends and family involved in our journey.  Here’s what we need help with:
1)      A name for our 98 square foot home!  C’mon, every ship gets a name, so why not our little baby?  Put on your creative thinking caps and let us know what she should be called!  Click here to see a picture for inspiration
2)      Where should we go?  What should we see?  Is there a MUST out there that just can’t be missed?  Let us know - post a Comment below.
Lastly, we need to say a big “thank you” to some people.
Roger Auger – for letting us stay with him while we prepared 98 square feet.  For teaching us to play cribbage (he’s enjoyed watching our inability to count to 15).  And for offering the perfect home for Mia at the 11th hour - saving us from a world of stress while we are away!  You truly are an amazing friend!!

Wil & Joyce Sirois – for housing 98 square feet for a couple of weeks, helping us clean Marr Farm on the last day and for doing a myriad of the little things that, to us, are a BIG help....and of course for being the rocks I lean on and my best friends in life!

Cindy Roy – for taking in KC and Sunny and giving them a loving home with lots of windows for people and bird watching!
Kim & Kerry (the McBozeau’s) – for helping us with that damn treadmill, providing a safe haven for all our liquor, and for the totally amazing picture book with postcard stamps!  Great friends (crafty, too!)
Greg Richards – Truly, the most amazing neighbor anyone could ask for.  You did so much for us – literally right up to moving day.  We don’t know what we’ll do without you.  Luckily we still have your cell phone number.
Rob Edgerley – for selling Marr Farm but not being able to find us our perfect condo which allows us the opportunity to take this trip J
Yvonne Carney – for giving us oodles of boxes for packing up Marr Farm…those boxes Rocked!!
Tom Elsworth – for the use of your truck, giving us a great storage location and promising to get top dollar for our stuff if we decide to just auction it off one day!
Captain Morgan & Cruzan Black Cherry – for helping us get through it all.
If we forgot anyone….sorry!  Our brains have been a little consumed with stuff lately!  We really hope everyone will follow our adventure via this blog.  While this adventure is a personal undertaking for us, we really want to share our journey with all our friends and family! 

First stop:  Hershey Park, PA (June 27 & 28)

Until the next exit…..
Amy & Tracy

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  1. Wow! What an amazing under taking and adventure you guys are going on! I love how you decided that less is more. I've lived the past year that way...I think you'll find you'll do okay. You have such a great relationship and I'm sure it'll only get stronger as you have more time to experience things together. I look forward to following your adventures. My one suggestion would be to try to see brandi here and there along the way...